Open Christmas Day: Melbourne cafes open Christmas morning! Serving coffee! (updating often) 

Canterbury VIC 3126 (Maling Road)  The Maling Room  Serving: Symmetry Coffee  Open 7am. Cash only.  East Melbourne VIC (222 Clarendon Street)  Square and compass  Serving own blend.  Open 730am to 1030am. Upside roof top bar (127 Brunswick Street Fitzroy)  From 5pm De clieu (Fitzroy)  Coffee from 830am St Ali (South Melbourne) 

5 Reasons Why Work  Coffee Sucks 

1. Workplaces continue to provide commodity coffee whereas outside the office on the streets speciality coffee has taken over. Staff will not drink from a pod machine when theres incredibly goood coffee  outside! That costs the office in downtime. Big time. We estimate around $8k per employee per year. Bad coffee at work is the […]

Is Hillary the lesser of two evils? 

May I ask why you’re with her so passionately? I can grasp those voting on a lessor of two evils basis (though I’m not sure she is the lessor of the two evils) but I can’t understand why any liberals/progressives I know are actually passionate about favoring her…  As for me, I’m with…  – The […]


We’ve laid pipelines, infrastructures that allow new layers to be built atop of them. What will be built next? Spanning thousands of years… AI a top Internet a top Communication a top Energy a top Trade a top Agriculture a top Society a top Clans a top Family

What is a weak coffee anyway 

In the light of objective coffee the definition of “weak” becomes problematic. I was talking with a barista who said they do a ristretto for weak and a normale for normal. They do this for consistency.  I argued a ristretto is exactly as “strong” as a normale. Look at this: Ristretto dose 20g, yield 30g, […]

Purple cow with a selfie stick! 

Seth Godin came out with this book called “purple cow”  because in a mass market you need to stand out (basic summary of the entire book).  The problem is there is no more mass market! Professor Professor Jeff Jarvis said there will never be another Elvis,  there will never be another Michael Jackson,  because when everybody’s famous […]

The Upside Down of Coffee 

Filter coffees versus Espresso. Rules and Realities.  Now this is a blog post to read carefully!  The main difference between filter coffee and espresso is time and that is related to water weight.  When brewing espresso the longer the shot (time) the weaker the coffee. This is because the amount of actually coffee grinds (dose) […]

Menu-Focused or Coffee-Focused Cafes

Perhaps it’s my Italian background but for me a “cafe” is a retailer specialising in coffee. This is not always my experience. In fact in Melbourne I have 3 cafes where I really enjoy my coffee every time: 1. Green Park Dining using Small Batch and Profile. 2. Rex Tremendae roasting his own coffee at Sensory Lab Factory. 3. […]