Steve Keil, Founder Laser Group 

Jonathon is an authentic and energetic self-starter who’s created and added value to many niche businesses in the past. He is driven by purpose and passion and is an adaptable problem solver. Jonathon is very customer-focused and resilient. I’m excited to see his latest venture which I’m certain will be a success.

Patrick Montelongo

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Jonathon is not only a creative and innovative force in the coffee industry, he is a mentor and leader that is willing to take time to invest in those around him. Having worked on several occasions side by side to Jon, I can say that each time I grew in my knowledge and skill set because of his input. Systems and programs can be taught, but the excitement and drive Jon brings to any environment can only be described as contagious, something you just need to be around.

I can easily recommend Jon to share his knowledge of coffee, hospitality and business development. He has the ability to help shape any business for success.

The World Loves Melbourne

If you are a cafe in Melbourne and want to give your cafe an edge get in touch with specialist barista and roaster Jonathon Sciola

The World Loves Melbourne 2016

5 & Dime Bagels, 2017

Working with Jonathon over the past two years has been such a pleasure. His knowledge and passion for coffee come through in everything he does. He consistently went above and beyond to do everything to make our coffee program work. Jonathon was always different than the other people who help our business, he always felt like one of us, part of the team. I cannot recommend Jonathon highly enough.

Zev Forman, CEO 5&Dime Bagels

Rex Tremendae

Jonathon found a buyer for our busy CBD cafe that resulted in a successful sale. His coffee knowledge compassion and business acumen make him a valuable business mentor and consultant. Highly recommended!

Robert Savage, Founder Rex Tremendae, Roaster Prologue, 2017

The World Loves Melbourne

pour jonathon
Jonathon Sciola is a Melbourne coffee legend having worked at St Ali and trained many baristas in the art of making coffee.

Blog Post, The World Loves Melbourne 2014

Square and Compass

Jono’s dedication to the quality of his product, and the industry in general, is second to none. He has helped allow Square and Compass grow into a very successful local cafe. Jono allowed us time to focus on what matters most in the Melbourne hospitality and coffee scene.

Kael Sahely, Founder Pillar of Salt | BAWA | Barry’s |Square and Compass

Maurice Beninngston, Stairway ChurchSSSS

Jonathon along his wife Erin have overwhelmingly improved both the function, speed and community of our church Cafe. Within a limited budget, they redesigned and reinvented both the coffee experience and the atmosphere of much of the church foyer and surprised us by turning a profit in the first year. I continually hear and see the effects of what great coffee and great service can bring a faith community. Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

Executive Pastor, Stairway Church

Mock Turtle Degraves

Jonathon Sciola has a unique ability to see the unseen. He is a leader in the coffee industry and carries great insight as to what will best suit your cafe.

Daniel Ingini, Cafe Entrepreneur, Founder Mock Turtle Degraves

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