Purple cow with a selfie stick! 

Seth Godin came out with this book called “purple cow”  because in a mass market you need to stand out (basic summary of the entire book).  The problem is there is no more mass market! Professor Professor Jeff Jarvis said there will never be another Elvis,  there will never be another Michael Jackson,  because when everybody’s famous […]

The Upside Down of Coffee 

Filter coffees versus Espresso. Rules and Realities.  Now this is a blog post to read carefully!  The main difference between filter coffee and espresso is time and that is related to water weight.  When brewing espresso the longer the shot (time) the weaker the coffee. This is because the amount of actually coffee grinds (dose) […]

Menu-Focused or Coffee-Focused Cafes

Perhaps it’s my Italian background but for me a “cafe” is a retailer specialising in coffee. This is not always my experience. In fact in Melbourne I have 3 cafes where I really enjoy my coffee every time: 1. Green Park Dining using Small Batch and Profile. 2. Rex Tremendae roasting his own coffee at Sensory Lab Factory. 3. […]

Is the tide is pulling back on 3rd Wave

I’m a speciality coffee barista, enthusiast and I thank The Pioneers who built the Third Wave coffee movement. Such proponents as Intelligentsia in Seattle and St ALi in Melbourne created direct-trade coffee (ever increasing returns on quality paying “at least 25% more” than Fair-trade) for the first time back in around 2004 when coffee farms […]

Friday Fun: 3 Funny Mistakes barista’s make

I’ve worked behind a few coffee bars and these are the funniest little mistakes baristas make… 1. Shaking the already un-capped milk bottle. The use of unhomogenised milk (which by definition is not conducive to the nature of specialty which values objectivity, evenness and standardisation of drinks recipies: each cup of unhomogenised milk has vastly differing […]

Why every cafe is the same 

Have you ever noticed every cafe looks the same? Here’s a deeper insight into why… Recently I noticed 5 jobs on a coffeejobs.com each read,  You will be working on LaMarzocco Linea Pb espresso machine and Mythos One grinders” Brian Jones, brand expert in his slide share said every cafe in the Bay area was “modern rustic” and James […]