Focus Versus Cost Paradigm of Cafe Living


Many cafes focus overly on cost cutting to the point where it Is a distraction to core business offerings. The classic example in hospitality is using an inferior soy product such as Vitasoy Soy because is cheaper. This year I convinced one of my clients to switch to Bonsoy and we immediately went from 1-2 litres of soy per day to over 10-15 litres a day.

Would you prefer to save $0.15 cents on 10 soy coffees a day ($1.50 savings) or sell 150 soy products ($4.50 x 150 = $675.00 a day!)

Part of this challenge is to focus on enlargement. Do not focus on small things. Have a big personality and a big expectation. I always expect to be busy so I am always stoked and ready for maximum thrashing.
The attempt to save money on soy was costing us over $4000 per week. . This is only the beginning!

Listen to me if you want to optimise your business and stop ruining it for the sake of cost-saving:

Come on this journey with me…

First ask:

What is my core competency:

Core competency is defined as “is fundamental knowledge ability or expertise in a specific subject area or skill set”. These are examples of what your competency might be:

– Excellent customer service
– Speedy Delivery
– Quality specialty coffee
– Food: International head chef

Then ask :

What are the values I adhere to:

– paying my bills on time
– Keeping costs down
– loyalty with my suppliers
– Paying staff well and above award
– No tolerance on tardiness

Now there will be a conflict between your core competencies and your values at some stage. I’ve seen this happen. For example you stick with a long term supplier who’s product is inferior because of loyalty. This negatively affects your competency in food.

The answer is: Focus focus. Focus. Do not compromise what you are good at for the sake of cost savings.


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