Promised Land brings Melbourne cafes fresh filter coffee – brewed

The Coffee Cities Project

Promised+Land+-+Low+Res-5Seekers of the Promised Land might be surprised to find themselves in the back streets of Collingwood – way down past Wellington Street, in that mess of factories and warehouses that is still suspended between the old Collingwood (where people worked in the factories) and the new (where people live in the warehouses).

But that’s where Jonathan Sciola has set up (in a converted warehouse) with a business that highlights the entrepreneurial nature of Melbourne’s specialty coffee scene.

Sciola not only roasts beans for delivery to cafes around town under the Promised Land label (anyone can do that), he also brews batches of the stuff and delivers it, ready to drink, for cafe owners who have found his pre-brew system an economical and quality alternative to brewing filter coffee in house themselves.

Fetco batch brew

He works with a two-and-a-half litre Fetco batch brewer: the same machine that airlines use…

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