This week in coffee Melbourne

October 20 – 27

Scout is a new jobs board for caffeine workers. We’ll have to wait and see the take up. Backed by the guys at Broadsheet it has a chance for improved search and application.

imageTWLM – One of Melbourne’s hottest culture bloggers (a primary source for culinary, arts, fashion, coffee and music) is now BLOGGING Sydney. Check it out.


Latte Art smack Down TODAY at Veneziano in Melbourne. Info here. The guy in the photo obviously won’t win 🙂


City of Melbourne’s tourist information page has all the hot cafes on offer in 1998. While these cafes paved the way for the specialty coffee movement there are 300 new roasters in Melbourne doing NEW things and taking coffee further. The City of Melbourne receives 11 new cafe applications per day according to one source. Check out some “Hottest new openings” by the professional, buoyant and bubbly guys at sharkingforchipsanddrinks


That’s it for this week. For more local information about what’s happening in Promised Land Coffee come visit us at the coffee bat weekdays from 8-11am.


This week we installed a new machine at the up and coming beautiful Katherine place. There been a lot of hype – and warranted – for this Western CBD rich culinary hotspot. 5&dime Bagels will open week 2 of November and there are lots of tweets out there.

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