Australia the most franchised nation on earth #systemhub

Its true. Australia has more franchises per capita than America

We are also a test nation for franchises because we are a tiny population compared with America or Europe and certainly Asia.

In the cafe scene Aussie businessman take to New York like it’s a playground. Bluestone cafe chain has opened six venues in a few years.

Franchise may be a dirty word for some. For me it’s the synergy between people and systems that brings a CEO vision to bare in a sustainable and flexible model. 

Systems are most necessary when you don’t have the right person. When you have the right person you  don’t need to tell them what to do; technologies and process become tools augmenting that human asset. This is as rare as a #unicorn so that’s why we build systems and process and documentation . BSLcollectiveCafe_homeBox1a

Standing firm then I believe systems build pathways towards finding the right people and optimising them to your CEO vision. 

Enjoy #systemhub

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