Cafe Audits

I am making available a service to specialty cafes that can be invaluable to discovering faults in their coffee and service. This collaborates with roasteries as well where you and the roastery can find objective information on espresso quality and service.

Mystery Shopper $240

During busy service (usually Saturday or Sunday) I will come to your cafe and order espressos, milk-based drinks and a takeaway. This also includes a competitor analysis of the same attributes at 2-3 local cafes. Staff will be assessed on timeliness, cleanliness, product knowledge, and customer service. The venue will be assessed and compared to its competitors and you will be given a full report. The whole operation takes about 3 hours including report writing and competitor analysis. There is an optional $180, 60 minute discussion session where suggestion on improvements will be made.

Mystery Shopping Includes:

  • Covert operation during peak times
  • 2-3 dine in beverage analysis (see below)
  • 1 takeaway beverage analysis
  • Drink analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • SWOT

Espresso Beverage Analysis $360

Beverage analysis and espresso quality audits are performed in store in collaboration with staff. Audit includes interview with staff around espresso knowledge, a critical appraisal of bar operations and a beverage audit during both peak and off peak times.

The aim of this critical and objective exercise is to expose all blind spots and improve quality in the cup overall. It is guaranteed that if your staff are lacking the skills or equipment to perform the task of preparing specialty grade, award winning coffees that it will be in my report:

Beverage Analysis:

  • Consistency of espresso volume (yield)
  • Consistency of dose (ground coffee)
  • Consistency of time/volumetrics
  • Accuracy of drink (flat white, cappuccino, etc)
  • Taste of drink (1-6)
  • Taste likeness to roast description
  • Temperature
  • Presentation of drink
  • Consistency across all drinks (Poor to Excellent)


  • Wait time
  • Cleanliness
  • Wastage including milk and coffee
  • Customer service
  • Staff knowledge
  • Water quality and filter effectiveness
  • Machine operation and parts assessment
  • Milk quality and wastage
  • Bean freshness, rotation and wastage
  • Presentation and brewing techniques

There is no doubt that this activity can help any cafe no matter how famous or successful. All will be revealed by this exercise.

Bookings to be made 2 weeks in advance by contacting Jonathon Sciola on 0466418990 or


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