Self Organising Communities

This is my first post on Self Organising Communities. I believe the Internet has caused a power shift from organisations to individuals that has allowed us “the people” to self organise in ways we never had before. What happened in Egypt and Libya was no suprise to me as I observed the walls coming down. […]

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When competition is good

There’s a great little cafe @vyvecafe in Burgundy street. Nicely placed at the top of a hill but on the “wrong side of the road” some may argue. (The local supermarket and train station are on the opposite side, leaving this cafe next to a bank and a chemist – not exactly complimentary!) This groovy […]

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Consumer Confidence

Consumer confidence is down. Cinema’s are not selling nearly as many tickets. Cafe’s and their suppliers are sharing that they are really quiet at the moment. Locally in Melbourne, Australia people have stopped spending as much. It may be the carbon tax, the increase in electricity, the uncertainty about Japan, Libya, wars and rumours of […]

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iPad usefulness

The iPad is a tool. Like any tool you need to learn how to use it. When used right, with the right apps you can boost productivity, but it has serious debilitating limitations imposed by Apple. The iPad is not a phone. It does not allow you to multiple-task in the way a laptop does […]

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The web of intent

Everyone is saying that Mobile is the “next big thing” however we all know that already. The power of increased bandwidth, battery life and touch screens will place power and interconnectivity between humans and objects like never before. Near Field Communications (NFC) and RFID are two more things that can change the way we do […]

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Eric Schmidt CEO of Google on why Mobile is taking off

Everything changes all the time Mobile exceeding all expectations Real-time data is changing things Online Ads to reach $200billion per year Need tablet, desktop and mobile campaigns Stay user focused New model for online advertising is real-time, not static “Information has fundamentally been about elites…does not discrimiate” Between 1-2billion people who have never been connected […]

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How to keep your inbox empty!

If you’re normal you will have 1000s of emails in your inbox. The most productive way to stay productive us to keep your inbox empty. Watch this video on how to control your inbox. This is a video response to the blog post Personal Organisation and inspired by Gina Trapani’s book, “Lifehackers Guide to working […]

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Search relevancy

Preference based search I’d really like a preferences based search interface for iPad iPhone and mac. Im finding google is not relevant these days. Today i was looking for a cafe that was open on a Monday. I couldn’t find it. Doing my phd research would have been easier. Googles results for “cafe near me […]

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Living by design or by default

When you live you have two choices: Live by feelings, or Live by decisions If you live by feelings you will always be tossed around: by those around you, by your circumstances, by your mood or by your diet. If you live by decisions, you take control. You slap the lizard. You become the master […]

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