Jonathon’s rules

1. The rules (of business) have changed 2. (All) Marketing is now social 3. You must lead your flock (as in your customers are your tribe). Search my posts for “tribes”. 4. Every business is a niche business (no matter the size treat your customers as niche/cult followers. 5. Continually adopt new technologies – change […]

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Introducing Roger

There is a fictitious guy I’d like to introduce you to. His name is Roger. He’s the guy who says, “Roger that” when there’s a problem. Roger doesn’t understand “no” or “impossible”. Roger is a can-do man. Roger wakes you up early in the morning. Roger says no to ego and fear. Roger gets the […]

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def. The condition of standing or adhering together, or being fixed in union, as the parts of a body; existence; firmness; coherence; solidity. I can’t believe I haven’t written a post on consistency At the end of the day the person who wins is the person who doesn’t quit. I am convinced that the guy […]

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The adoption of mobile web is 8 times what the same adoption of the desktop web was 10 years ago. You are in business, you need to know what convergences and technologies and marketing strategies are available for you. This “gadget” video is powerful. It’s a symbol of how everything is changing in business and […]

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The power of re-invention

The juice you need for business and life is inspiration, energy; that buzz; the entrepreneurial spirit. The risk taker meets the technician and manager to create something that adds value. But we all get locked into the imaginary rules of our business model and say things like IBM who said that there was worldwide demand […]

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Prince may be onto something…

Prince the famous rock musician is quoted saying, “The Internet is over” and seemingly hilarous comments such as “‘The internet’s like MTV,’ the star said to the Mirror’s correspondent. ‘At one time, MTV was hip, and suddenly it became outdated.’” However he may be onto something. No, seriously. If he believes that he has a […]

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Are you a producer or a consumer?

The businesses that consume their clients content are the ones who succeed: The ‘producers’ have become the ‘consumers’ The businesses that succeed are consuming what we create The customers that are happy are the ones producing and being heard/watched/read: Obama consumed his voters opinions in a way no politician ever had Facebook consumes our lives, […]

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Bread and basics

What bread are you eating this morning? Have you slapped the Lizard this morning? The bread of goals and plans and values is a good way to start the day. Do you see what your moving towards? The opposite is terrifying! Focus, consistency (or continuance as Master Mark Kelsey puts it) is key. So a […]

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The hourly rate

I am surprised how many small businesses do not calculate their hourly rate. When you are self-employed you are not automatically paid: Sick leave Holiday Pay Long service leave Superannuation You need to pay yourself these items. You often need to include: Operating costs – petrol, insurance, etc Marketing Costs – advertising, admin In your […]

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Google Me

I succumed to ordering business cards even though my online presence is well proliferated. I’m easily found. I have a public identity on Google Profiles: this is my new home (replacing Facebook) on the Internet. I do have the advantage of being the only Jonathon Sciola in the world. But what if you’re Jo […]

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10 FREE ways to grow your business using social media & marketing

1. Apply for Awards. Local municipalities, large business and government all offer award categories for small business, large business, micro business, “best enviro business” and so on. This will generate PR, free media & credibility. Awards I’ve won: 2. Join a small business network. Most councils will offer a business network or […]

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