Six Ounce Cup Size a No-Go in CBD



I’m Jonathon. A successful businessman and barista. I worked for Melbourne’s top cafes, and roasters and oversaw the training, quality control and management of many of Melbourne’s top cafes. I am a coffee judge, roaster and pioneer in filter coffee in Melbourne.

I say that to premise that objective coffee is still lacking in the specialty coffee scene in Melbourne and many assumptions have not been properly tested. One thing that angers me is when people impose their prescriptive assumptions on small cafe owners to the cafe’s detriment. I see many cafes with $41 per kilo price-tags on their coffee, $3.80 price tags on a bottle of milk and these cafes are often in the city and unable to serve food, and are not open on weekends.

These cafes are paying high rent, high wages and are not serving the hefty breakfast and lunch items that the roasters enjoy out in the suburbs. People in the city go to a cafe for a quick bite and a fast, hot coffee. They’re not looking for a small size ounce latte containing a meagre 18 grams of espresso.

My friend Rex is doing good business in the city. He hasn’t opted for all the latest subjective trends and grinders but is serving up big delicious 60 gram double espressos and he has a booming trade.

I trust and hope that roasters will drop their prices, and allow cafes owners the opportunity to bring the best quality of specialty coffee objectively without the prescriptive assumptions of what works in the suburbs – if you’re sitting down for lunch with friends a six ounce lukewarm latte makes sense because you order two or three of them. If you’re in the city and have a 15 minute break, you need a big strong 8 ounce with a full 22 gram dose and 60 gram yield.


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