Control your personal identity on the web

As the Internet evolves to contain more of our lives I am strongly recommending people start to control their personal identity on the web. Who are you on the web? What is your location on the Internet? Is your email who you really are or is it your linked in page? Is Facebook the true verifier of your identity or is it Twitter?

#1: Domain
If you have a name like mine is a great place to nest. Buy a domain and use it for your personal identity. Link to all your other accounts and people will know who you are and where to find you.

#2: Portal
Portals like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter allow you to found your personal identity on their platform.

#3: Identity sites serves as an identity director for me.

#4: Email
There is still hope for email. Make sure you have a tight password and change it regularly. Build in contingency accounts. However if you change jobs, or for whatever reason hotmail starts to charge and you dont want to pay you have all your eggs in one basket. Again, email comes in at #3 because you own the domain.

Whatever your choice, the information age dictates that we the individual must choose to control our data and our identity. Make sure you backup your data, determine where your online residency will be otherwise someone else will.

Facebook’s identity opportunity – or somebody’s

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