Fathers in business

I want to honour business leaders who are selfless, who mentor others, who do not compromise relationship yet live by principles. I want to honour coffee professionals who have proven that you can elevate people above opinion.

In the end relationship will win over sheer strenuous pushing. God rewards those who love others, who give, who are willing when it’s right to take a blow for your fellow worker.

Leadership requires us to take compliments for others’ achievements and to take the punishment for other people’s mistakes.

Leadership is Fathering. We lead to create a wake for others to follow.

There is a reason why many of the most popular movies in Hollywood are centred around a character that is an orphan.

Spiderman had no parents, lived with his aunty.
Superman had no planet, no parents
Harry Potter was an orphan
Rio the bird is sold to a stranger
Meet the Robinson’s, orphan
Batman, orphan
Tangled, estranged from kingdom and family.
Frozen, two orphan girls.
Snow white, orphan.
Cinderella, orphan
Star wars, orphan, estranged from his father.
Lion king
The list goes on…

The reality is we all feel orphaned
because we are in a world where there are few Fathers.

Whether we call it mentoring, or vision casting, or leadership, (or in the church world, ‘apostles’), we are designed to come under the covering of a Fathering, loving, caring leader. And to be that to others.

As business leaders we need to take up the divine call of Fathering.

Using the word “covering” helps us to make sense of this unseen power of submitting to healthy leadership.

As leaders we must provide safe and empowering places for people, customers, staff and family to grow.

Coverings are safe places of protection and empowerment. An umbrella is a covering. Clothes are a covering. Vision is a covering. Your goals in business provide a kind structure, a safety, a covering for what we put our time to. A motto in a similar way keep our activities in line with our purpose. Purpose and Fathering are divinely connected. We are a covering for others.

Business is an amazing opportunity to father metaphorically orphaned children.

My highest aim is to mentor an entire industry of orphans. To change landscapes. To build rivers in the desert and oasis in the wilderness.


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