It’s all about people

I’ve realised that Marketing is about people. It’s about maximising the relationships we have. We must market to our staff, our competitors, our suppliers and our customers. It’s about maximising opportunities, minimising threats, optimising systems and processes, research, planning and work. The basis for advertising is that there is over-supply. Because there are too many […]

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Email Management

Part of my passion for technology, business, media and marketing – and part of any successful niche business – is systems. Systems are powerful. That’s what makes McDonalds successful. Not every franchise works, and not all systems are useful, however one system that is very important and necessary is email management. I prefer to use […]

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Future of newspapers

This video posted on buzzmachine about the future of news is great viewing as we watch the web and its evolution. An important part of the evolution of the Internet is seeing how the 5th estate evolves. One of the key foundations of democracy and capitalism is the ability for the people to watch the […]

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Google can’t lose

The company with the most open business model will win. Because it is in the characteristics of the net. See why-are-the-richest-people-in-the-world-geeks. Google has that business model. The more the Internet grows the better off Google will be. The more data there is to be searched, analysed and made useful the better off Google will be. […]

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“The triggering event, of course, is the advent of a global communication system that restores the banter of the bazaar, that tears down power structures and senseless bureaucracies, that puts everyone in touch with everyone” (Thomas Petzinger, Jr. The Wall Street Journa, Forward to The Cluetrain Manifesto) As the rules change we are beginning to […]

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The Internet is a place not a medium

I remember studying e-business in 2001. My lecturer said, “Check out google” I’d never heard of Google and didn’t check it out for a year or so. The difference between e-commerce and e-business is that e-commerce is just the sale of products online utilising the web as an interface, whereas e-business is doing business online. […]

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Integrate with Facebook

Many of us have realised the relevance of Facebook for our businesses. We realise that community exists on the web and that’s great. In fact 400 million people use Facebook every day. (Only 150 million use Gmail per month). Anyone who’s run a retail business knows that foot traffic is cash. So when everyone’s on […]

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