Batch Brew Story – An Introduction

  First published by me in Medium.   Hi, I’m Jonathon. This is a social draft of a new non-fiction book about Batch Brew. Batch Brew coffee is an alternate brewing style of coffee. Alternate brewing styles are methods of making coffee that are not espresso. Espresso is a method of making coffee that developed during the early […]

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The business mind is beautiful.

These three books inform many of the concept that form my business mind. E-myth in summary is separation of the “hats” required to run any small to medium sized businesses. Entrepreneur Hat is the visionary, optimistic Manager hat is the realist, objective Technician’s hat is the worker, the doer Colin Harmon’s book is objective approach […]

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How to make a profit in a cafe

2.7% That’s the average annual profit for a hospitality business in Australia. That’s terrible. That’s including high-end restaurants and low end fast food. The reality is most hospitality vendors have no idea what they’re doing. I always recommend coffee shop owners read Colin Harmon’s book What I’ve Learned from Running Coffee Shops. We’re heading for […]

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