Self Production Movement

Hi, I have noticed the Self Production Movement across all industries. It is a: Move from consumption of content to production of content by “consumers” Move from production of content to organisation of content by “producers” Here are some of my so called ‘rules’ of the SELF PRODUCTION MOVEMENT: 1. People are now organising themselves […]

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Human Screening (article 1)

Humans began to relate via screen more than 50 years ago. A person last night was saying that Facebook and the social media revolution (see this post) is changing how people interact and that that was a bad thing. “Mate!” I said, “This has been happening for 60 years”. The fact that 550,000,000 people are […]

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Privacy is overrated

(Watch the video in my previos post) Questioning Googles commitment to privacy? (See France claims success in Google privacy breach The German privacy paradox « BuzzMachine Privacy, publicness & penises). Google is guaranteed to build itself into your life: car, phone, home pc, house, life…. See: Ford adds ability to sync Google maps directions to […]

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Change Change Change is GOOD

This interview by Paypal founder tells how he changed his business model in order to survive. Initially Paypal refused to accept the reality of transacting over the web. Paypal was originally a mobile-to-mobile payment system. They changed their business model and survived. Apple refused to allow 3rd party apps in 2007 when the iPhone was […]

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Another video

Jeff Jarvis – I have read his book, and listened to probably 200 hours of his commentary on podcasts, PLUS read his blog almost daily – shares his cream-dela-cream at this ted speech. Jeff is my new-media guru, as Gina is my productivity guru and Seth my marketing/ideas guru. Similarly the last few posts have […]

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This Week in Google

Every week I listen to watch, read and subscribe to TWIG. It is the most amazing podcast about technology, the internet and the cloud. Hosted by Leo Laporte “…US-based journalist specializing in technology coverage on radio, TV, and the Internet. With weekly guests Jeff Jarvis author of What What Google Do? (yes I’ve bought it) […]

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Returning to our core

It’s true: we’ve forgotten the fundamentals of business: 1. Demand & Supply 2. Customer Service 3. Quality I believe the franchise revolution (Australia is the most franchised nation in the world with more franchises per capita than the USA) has resulted in the loss of true, genuine customer service. We have scripted our call centres, […]

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The elevator statement (2)

Hi, This is the second installment ( a more friendly and gentle one) on the the elevator statement. What’s The elevator statement? That is your 30 second ad that you know off by heart so that when someone hops in the elevator as you’re going up, and they get out one floor up, by that […]

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The elevator statement

It amazes me how many small businesses really have no idea what they’re doing. They haven’t read the E-Myth – a must read for any young entrepreneur. You are 3 in 1: like God you – the business starter – are Entrepreneur (risk taker/evangelist), Manager (Accountant, Trainer) and Technician (Coffee Maker, Gardner). So many small […]

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