How to create a FREE iPhone ringtone using your own iTunes music

iPhones are great but they have crappy ringtones…

It’s so easy – and yet so difficult:

1. Find the song you like, right-click and choose “Get Info”
2. In the “options” tab change the start and end time to the part of the song you like making it no more than 40 seconds
3. Right-click the song (it will appear to be the same) and choose, “Make ACC version”. If you see “make-mp3” version you can change this in options/preferences and “Import Settings”
4. When your new ACC file is created right-click and choose, “Open in windows explorer/show in finder”
5. Change the file type from M4a to M4r (Windows users need to change view options to “Show file extensions” from “Hide file extensions”
6. Drag your new .M4r file to iTunes (in the Ringtone section)
7. Sync your beats!

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