This is the secret to a foolproof simple (paleo, grain free, wholefood, complimentary, lifesaving) diet for the westerner.

I have been to kinesiologists, traditional chinese medecine doctors, homeopathic, naturopathic, preventative, eliminating, nutritionalists, electro magnetic field – you name it.

If you follow these two rules:

  • raw, or
  • roast

You will be super healthy. Elite healthy.

These rules imply no processed foods, no medications, no deli meats, no bacon, no ham, nothing processed, nothing deep fried, no restaurant food.

You will be eating whole fresh fruit and vegetables, some raw nuts and when you eat lean meat it will be a variety of meat (kangaroo, turkey, veal…not just chicken!) you will roast it (or poach it).  Try to drink filtered water, exercise and maintain a healthy spiritual, thought and environmental life.


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