Le Bakehouse – Lygon Street East Melbourne #newcafe

I stumbled across a new bakery cafe in Lygon Street (the north end where the Pizza restaurants are owned by mafia lawyers). It was a nice, bright space of the lofty, modern rustic vibe. I was impressed to receive a Wifi password on my receipt.

Coffee by Veneziano (they roast for ALDi) serving Bond Street: a simple, clean blend of two south American coffees and an African. It had pleasing sweet acidity, a creamy mouthfeel and a short caramel finish. It was well presented and well extracted. Thank you.

I was stunned when I saw the price of a tiny brioche bun was $12 (similar in size to a junior burger), a plain cinnamon donut was $5.80 and was not dissimilar to a supermarket tray of donuts in my opinion.

The ambiance and music and decor was fabulous. I would recommend not having the cash register behind the glass – I was nervous as I handed cash money to the attendant over the foodstuffs and surprised when she handed my change to me again over the food. Seemed somewhat unhygienic.

All in all it feels like a yoghurt bar business model however replace yoghurt with wheat products. I am keen to see how it goes as this is a new store in a very quiet part of Lygon Street.

Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 12.24.30 pm.png

Instagra photo posted by Le Bakehouse (@lebakehousemelbourne) on Sep 10

3 thoughts on “Le Bakehouse – Lygon Street East Melbourne #newcafe

  1. yep….for lease signs are up. I liked some of their stuff but agree..it was expensive. I think a number of these bakeries, eateries, cafe’s around this are will closed its become very saturated.


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