Purple cow with a selfie stick! 

Seth Godin came out with this book called “purple cow”  because in a mass market you need to stand out (basic summary of the entire book). 

The problem is there is no more mass market! Professor Professor Jeff Jarvis said there will never be another Elvis,  there will never be another Michael Jackson,  because when everybody’s famous nobody is famous. 
Girls on Twitch playing games have 4 million followers, a fish bowl with a camera attached as 400,000 followers, the teenager dancing has 40 million views… 

We are certainly  in a post-mass-market era with very few options to stand out such as the Super Bowl or the presidential debate where everybody is watching. So, when everybody is watching everything all the time nobody is watching anything ever. 

I suppose the purple cow for this era is a purple cow with a selfie stick! That purple cow isn’t only about standing out in a crowd, she is about being genuine and expressing herself with authenticity and generosity so as to build community. Seth has a book along this elided called Tribes. 

I have more to say on this matter in another post perhaps however suffice to say that there has been a tectonic shift in society when the roots of scarcity and secrecy are being removed and replaced with abundance and generosity. 

Phenomenon such as WikiLeaks, Brexit, Trump are simply a symptom of a large change in society. For now….

I mean how can a purple cow stand out when theres plenty of purple cows on Snapchat? When there’s a purple cow being milked on  vine? When there’s animated purple cow gifs and memos,  and moments,  and trends, and feeds, and 60 million other things? 

6 billion of the world’s 7 billion people have access to at least 2G data so there are no more purple cow there are only purple thumbs. 

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