7 years later my pourovers are still 2:21 seconds

In 2011 I was fortunate to be promoted to St Ali south bar where I learned and failed at how to make espresso and filter coffee well.

We had the then Australian Barista Champion who also happened to be the world filter coffee champion. Matt perger. I was a zealot.

Joe Tynan was head roaster and he moved on to Code Black however he left us with his pourover training which I mostly still employ today.

Prewet your filter
Weigh 12 grams of coffee
Grind using the EK from Mahlkoenig
Bloom with 50 grams of water
Aggitate evenly
At 30 seconds add 50 grams
At 60 seconds ad the remaining 100g of water.

To this day most pourovers taste sweet using this recipe. What’s changed?

1. Freezing coffee
We are now freezing roasted coffee at Promisedlandcoffee and achieving better results. Read more Barista Hustle

2. Objectivity. Using the coffee compass to easily navigate the extraction yield percentage.

3. Aggitate. We now Aggitate very aggressively in the first bloom.

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