Greatness Comes To All of Us


Sometimes an employee is greater than the business they are employed in. As a teenager the value of cleanliness at McDonalds was greater than the value of cleanliness in my life. As a 14 year old making burgers I had to grow to become as clean as McDonald’s.

It is rare however sometimes the value inside of an employee is greater than the business and the business needs to change.

In hospitality over the past few years I have experienced this phenomena. Employed as a barista or a consultant I witnessed businesses that were stuck in their ways and would not allow – or face – the greatness that was around them, given to them for a season.

John the Baptist recognised Jesus when He was with him for a season. John said, “There is One greater than I who is among us Whose shoes I am unworthy to untie”. John recognised greatness and moved out of the way.

Those businesses that I have mentioned have closed, or fallen in to disarray. Sometimes our successes are what blind us the most to the greatness and potential right smack bang in front of us.

Greatness comes to all of us. The question is will we move out of the way?

One thought on “Greatness Comes To All of Us

  1. WOW This is a revolutionary thing to say but is of course 100% true. Love your courage and belief in your own identity. I always assume that I am the least in any organisation and marvel at the amazing people above me. Therefore never go to any leadership positions. Mmmmm Wow. Could the slave employees be greater that their business employers????? Well yes but perhaps in emryonic form. Haven’t quite begun to fly yet????

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