Too busy: 3 ways to fast-track your belated desires

I read an article about busyness this week. Suffice to say Im inspired to manage my priorities better. I felt to share these helpful tips for those who have been long waiting to fulfil some basic desires:

1. The Holiday – You simply can’t afford the time or money to travel. My solution; take small breaks outside of your routine. It’s often our routine that gets us tired and run down. A 40 minute drive to a local winery or a visit to the Zoo (without kids) will help reset your soul and break you out of routine. You’ll be surprised what a breath of fresh air can do for your perspective.

2. A massage – You’ve been thinking, planning, telling yourself you will have a massage for a year now. My solution; have a bath! A simply hot bath with rock salts will get you closer to the point of relaxation than you think.

3. The jewellery. You’ve been planning to buy something magic for your wife. My solution: get her flowers. Take the risk of making a mistake and communicate your love in simple ways. At the end of the day the diamond is an attempt at communicating love. Who knows the flowers may get you there!

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