One Little Place

One Little Place is a favourite specialty coffee outfit in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne for me in that the barista Kim Jae Hyun (Harry) is as passionate about coffee as I am. From South Korea Harry celebrates every cup with a philosophy of self improvement. Every time I visited Harry as a wholesale support […]

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Dangers of Entering A Franchise

Australia protects franchisees. I have still seen horror stories. I am not however talking about them. I’ve seen families lose everything. I’ve seen multinational franchisors go bankrupt and fly home shamed. Today I’m talking about simple competitiveness. It is simply impossible to compete in a highly competitive environment when you are in a tightly controlled […]

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Before You Start A Cafe

Read: 1. eMyth by Michael Gerber – Which hat are you wearing? You need all three! 2. Purple Cow by Seth Godin – Market differentiation is the bare minimum. Be remarkable! Decide: 1. What is my core competency – this could be filter coffee or customer service or giant hamburgers. It’s what you do best! […]

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Atmospheric Pressure

As a marketer former business owner and hospitality person who works and supports the best cafes I was often wondering “what exactly makes a cafe work?” Whether its miss Marie or auction rooms or Maling room, or ALi its more than a mix of customer service (often lacking and egotistical), quality coffee, food and location […]

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Barista Occupational Hazards

First of all I want to break down the role of the barista to: 1. Machine Operator 2. Service Operator 3. Customer Service Representative These sections of the baristas role will give us clarity and cohesion as we discuss the hazards and joys (!) of being a baristi. Secondly I would like to say that […]

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Dolce Espresso | The Drum

Positioned at the opening of the Drum – a food court in Westfield Doncaster – Dolce Espresso is clearly an Italian cafe experience: gleaming white LaMarzocco FB80, 4 Mazzer grinders and a dazzling display of colourful cakes all scream “Italy”. However the quality of the espresso is not the old school bitter italian robusta special, […]

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Pallet Espresso

Pallet espresso hidden in the back lanes of Spencer and Little Collins combines authentic Japanese cuisine with world class specialty coffee. A bold and timely move by owner operator, Peter, of wildly successful Purple Peanuts. The wooden theme (hence; pallet) is a beautiful artistic design that compliments the deli cafe feel while combining those aesthetics […]

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Urbanspoon Empowers Cafes

Like any community Urbanspoon is a vibrant dynamic population of self-moderated people with a common interest. The interest with urbanspoon is food and the value of geographical information about eateries. With communities all around the world Urbanspoon is here to stay. They won’t go away. They aren’t a problem. They’re your solution! Studying marketing research […]

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ORA specialty coffee

Like a far away holiday for the soul is Ora Coffee for the specialty coffee pilgrim looking for the comfort of a consistenly good coffee! Furthermore they are open late on Friday and Saturday nights. Sip cold drip, or order a Shiraz and a cheese plate and you’re home! All coffees are roasted in house […]

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10 Cafes Open Melbourne Cup Day

1. St ALi 7am-6pm – Open 365 Days a year 2. Seven Seeds 8am-5pm 3. Tus Coffee (Torquay) 4. Penny House (Richmond) 7am-3pm 5. Reverence Coffee (Ascot Vale) 8-1pm 6. Common Galaxia (Seddon Vic) 7. Dead Man (Southie) 8-3pm 8. Omar Bird (Gardenvale) 9. Mitte Cafe (Fitzroy) 10. Miss Jackson (St Kilda) Bonus! 11. 8 […]

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Miss Marie Rosanna

Miss Marie has been adopted by Rosanna and the surrounding areas as family. Introduced to me by an 86 year old woman from preston who “knows her coffee” I was dubious at first however my family and I have been frequent visitors to this 5 Senses cafe in the north-east for over twelve months now. […]

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Maling Room Roastery

Growing up in Cantebury one can take for granted the beautiful picturesque scenery that makes up the Maling Road Precinct. The high ceilings and prominent location make the old Post Office seem like the gateway to a paradise of the old and the new. Run by Andrew Liew for 10 years Maling Room occupying the […]

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