The biggest secret in cafe culture.

Your customers are telling themselves a story. Your role is to feed them the story you want them to tell themselves.

Hi, I’m Jonathon Sciola

My Local

Is your cafe humble, unassuming? Do you have very regular customers a who always order the same thing? Do you want your customers to feel like it’s their second home? local, their second home? Do they bring their dog?

These customers feel ownership over your space. Play into that feed that story. Play moderate indie music, and softly. Only change menu items and price after 3 months of consultation with them. Provide pillows.


Are you gansta? Are you playing house music at 7am on a Saturday with subwoofers? Do you charge $17 for a smoothie and take way to king to produce a Latte? That’s great IF that’s your story. Your customers are telling themselves they are gansta. Yes they may drive a Corolla and wear moccosans at home. But deep down inside they are Tupac. They want to be SEEN in your cafe. They will Instagram everything. They are not buying coffee. They are buying social credit and $100 for breakfast is cheap to be stepping up the social ladder. Feed that.

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Customers want to TELL THEMSELVES A STORY when they enter your venue. They want to tell themselves –

I’m part of something bigger. I’m here. That makes me feel better about myself. Self actualisation…


I’m saving money getting a discount. That makes me feel better about myself…


I’m spending a lot of money. I’m treating myself. This is a nice place…I feel better.


I’m showing my friends that I am a coffee connoisseur, a cultured person. They will know I’m socially acceptable by taking them to this geeky foodie venue… I feel better.

Intelligently choose your theme. Your story. Then feed that story, like feed them! They’re starving! 


Pic @ Square and Compass East Melbourne.


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