The Maling Room Society

Maling room is an establishment in Melbourne; a coffee society. It’s hard to find a speciality cafe that does not rotate Maling Room Rostery single origins, or a newspaper that has not rave reviewed it or a top 100 that doesn’t include it, however the social army are not coming to the conversation and showing their support.

For years now I have consumed and enjoyed flawlessly presented, flavoursome offerings at Maling Room and never received and opportunity to complain. From cold dripped Japanese style coffees poured over ice with Maple Syrup to the standard yirgacheffe flat white I have always been quietly blown away. However when I went online to rave there was little support from the local tribe.

example of a lever 2 group
The coffees are roasted in house, sourced and chosen by Andrew himself who has roots in roasting that go back beyond the latest fads and trends. The lattes and flat whites are single shots yet burst with the flavour and body of any of the best double-ristretto’s out there. And the espresso! Ah the espressos! Bursting with flavour they are lever-pulled, controlled extractions each with a hundred or so small adjustments in pressure leaving you with the very best nature, and the market can offer. Zing!

This review is one happy customer bewildered at the lack of support for such an icon and leader in the third-wave coffee movement. Looking around the packed cafe on a Monday afternoon and no one, not a single person has their laptops out. No one is on Facebook. No one is on Twitter. It’s strange. Unlike the inner-city cafes plagued by armies of tech-driven socialites there barely seems to be an Canterburians in sight with an iPhone. They are talking, sipping, munching but no one online voting! I cannot fathon how a cafe of this standing and consistency can have a like less than 80%. My hypothesis stands. We need to get out our iPhones and vote. (Example: @Foodie’s a user on urbanspoon points to this in his review “What’s with all the criticism“)

The Maling Room on Urbanspoon

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