Melbourne’s uphill battle to remain the leader in espresso

My passion for coffee comes from a desire to find the perfect cup. You can’t achieve it. That’s the beauty of it. Melbourne’s Bean Scene has been hot property for 50 years since the first Italian immigrants came with their new E61 groups and espresso. Since them Melbourne has been a leader in espresso worldwide. However that is no going to be for long. Ámerican’s are typically filter coffee drinkers and have been behind in espresso, however Chicago and other cities like New York are finding espresso booming and the passion behind it rivals ours. In fact Melbourne barista’s have the chance to become complacent. In Melbourne as opposed to Chicago or New York anyone can say they are a ”barista” while they are studying or working another job. The trend however in other cities is to be a barista is a career. Often barista’s in espresso thriving cities like New York and Chicago are frequently visiting the farms of origin, constantly challenging themselves to go to new heights. When Melbournians, currently the leaders in espresso, realise that have sharp competition to remain the primary influencer of espresso culture and an uphill battle that will be a good time for us to move up a gear and challenge that position as we influence the world and stay ahead in pursuing the perfect cup.

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