Nexus 6p Review Australia

I’m a high energy technology user. I’m usually waiting 10 years for the tech I need to be invented. Like you I feel limited by the evil and bureaucratic distribution of data by the telecommunications networks, the closed protective environment around patents, and inefficient use of resources around the mutually exclusive production of the gadgets that we so dependent rely on.

I celebrate the open in ecosystem of Android but I cannot tolerate the junk put on devices by manufacturers and tell toes that’s why I celebrate the purity that comes from a Nexus device it’s the only iPhone Apple experience in that the hardware matches the software perfectly. Don’t get me wrong iPhones have an ATM in foot interface and that sucks there’s no customisation and it’s not efficient know productive for high end users

The Nexus 6 p is the most powerful device with the best camera and the best battery life second to the iPhone 6S Plus however for a Google user, a Gmail user it is absolutely

I am concerned that the Gorilla Glass is not strong enough as I have experienced break it within a week on a Huawei p80

The Bluetooth sucks a little bit and the battery is ok designwyse it is impeccable the fingerprint reader is perfect and seamless and save me about an hour a week

Not yet available in Australia Android pay

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