Who’s going to give constructive objective coffee feedback?

I celebrate Melbourne. Generally speaking we can all enjoy good coffee everywhere. I had a great Vittoria espresso yesterday. It wasn’t my preferred flavour profile: clearly a blend it was muddled in flavour, low in acidity, however it was clean, creamy and mouthfilling with a “lingering finish” that no one ever had in specialty third wave movements. It was strong and viscous and I enjoyed it. I could taste it 20 minutes later. Very Italian.

I also thoroughly enjoy Tesspresso.com and theworldlovesmelbourne.com – each blogs that cover cafes and food culture and ONLY post positive reviews.

We have a need for objective feedback in the coffee industry


The problem is we need objective feedback in the coffee industry. Too many media and bloggers celebrate ambiance, food creativity and pass that off as a steller cafe when the coffee was…lets be honest…far more average than the amazing food, right?

Im looking to recruit 5 volunteer coffee professionals with at least 2 years of experience with refractometers, green buying and cupping, who will objectively review every cafe in Melbourne with me creating the first objective COFFEE ranking in the world. 


Email jonathon.sciola@gmail.com

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