The Cafe Machine and its Instagram floosies.

There is a growing trend among entrepreneurial cafe owners who have figured out how to manipulate the system. They pay beautiful young girls – usually blonde, always under 24 (sometimes puppies) – who have a minimum of 10,000 Instagram followers. The girls eat for free in their cafes in exchange for a post. Everybody wins.

Everyone is being manipulated. Everyone is happy.

The cafe owner gets the “whale” effect of the 10,000 magnification for each post – the cafe is always full.

The Instagrammer feels beautiful, and seen and is validated in her career as a socialite. Her followers see her being beautiful, being seen. Shes happy.

Instagram is happy because everyone who’s not beautiful feels insecure and pays for a boost to their post. It’s sick really. Screenshot_20180622-113702-01.jpeg

Seth Godin in his new podcast Akimbo – Seth Godin says that we are products of social media. We are not customers of social media platforms if we need to “boost” a post to our so called friends. Imagine being at a party, and as you’re about to approach the host a bodyguard says, Cough us $10 if you want the host to see you…” What crap.

What I love about specialty coffee’s origins was it’s humility, accessibility and truthfulness. Humility in that we are always learning, trying new ways to bring out the best in a particular coffee. The origins of specialty coffee are experimentation and necessarily pushing against the status quo are taking risks, like direct trade. Accessibility in that new farms and regions are being explored and brought to new inspired seekers, coffee enthusiasts. Truthful because of transparency and exposure of farm information.

I feel we have lost this humility, accessibility and truthfulness as the “Cafe Machine” has ground up all it’s roasters and baristas and customers and is industrialising itself into a commodity.

Are not all cafes beginning to look the same?

Puppies are also being manipulated 😛

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