Friday Fun: 3 Funny Mistakes barista’s make

I’ve worked behind a few coffee bars and these are the funniest little mistakes baristas make…

1. Shaking the already un-capped milk bottle.

13612103_918772611582360_5728365083980280757_n.jpgThe use of unhomogenised milk (which by definition is not conducive to the nature of specialty which values objectivity, evenness and standardisation of drinks recipies: each cup of unhomogenised milk has vastly differing fat contents. Interesting tip!) .

I saw one barista at St ALi in South Melbourne named Jessie, grab the opened bottle of milk and shake it with the force of God…and of course he and the entire bar including the ceiling were sprayed in delicious Oreo goodness!

2. Steaming the cup of espresso instead of the milk

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 4.47.55 pm.pngThis is admittedly one of the mistakes I have made!

After a few long shifts burning through 80-100 kilos of espresso per week on top of 20-30 pour-overs a day one can get tired. Add to that 15 or so espressos and you can easily burnout. One shift I was so tired I pulled a beautiful shot of coffee on the volumetric linea AV and pre-poured the milk into a jug ready to steam and simply due to fatigue…Yeah I steamed the espresso.

What happened was tiny particles of steaming hot espresso splattered my face and it was all over….

Time for that 15 minute break!

3. That’s it!

I’ve run out of mistakes baristas make. I’m sure you‘ve seen some or done them yourself. Comments are OPEN below or jump in on Twitter @jonathonsciola

(By the way I prefer Inglenook unhomogenised or Country Style homogenised)

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