Secret to my success #upsidelive #niche #specialtycoffee

Just attended revolutionary online training (Think portal live event #upsidelive – a Ted-like talk on Hospitality hosted at Malthouse in Melbourne – with leading speakers at the top of their trade: worlds best Vietnamese restaurateur Pauline Nguen of Red Lanturn, a Melbourne serial “publican” imperialist, HR heros and the like. What it left me with (besides amazing content available on was a forging of my core marketing (I’m a graduate to a marketing degree, 2008, Swinburne) beliefs.

Marketing is over-satisfying a need. In short. Niche marketing.

When I started Jonno’s Car Wash in 2004 I targeted an under-satisfied and totally un-catered for market subsegment of the car wash industry – fleets! Within 5 years I was charging $60 for a car wash and maintaining the entire fleets of Taxis, Flexicar, Red Bull, VicRoads locations and the like. No one was offering a complete fleet washing service, and I did. It was a monopoly of sorts.

Now that I am in “coffee” in the city of coffee I am the only specialty coffee delivery service in Melbourne. Yes, you can get a good coffee “anywhere” in Melbourne. However not when you walk outside of a cafe. Currently you cannot get a good coffee – an objectively brewed, consistently good, tasty coffee at home, in your office, at an event, and so on. Now there are pods but they are bad for the environment, excessively expensive and only contain 5grams of coffee. You can hire a coffee cart but that’s not sustainable on a daily basis.

There is a massive productivity increase for workplaces with exceptional coffee on-tap. Their office becomes one where collaboration happens: where staff continue to work IN the office rather than having to leave to get coffee 3, 4 times a day.

What I thank #upsidelive for is forging my resilience to “10x” my business around the ability to over-satisfy this under-satisfied need. Leave a comment.

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