What makes a successful cafe

In Melbourne we have a plethora of amazing and terrible cafes. Just read Urbanspoon or Foursquare or Beanhunter and you’ll find cafe’s that work and cafe’s that don’t. Obviously the coffee has to be good, but what other ingredients make a successful cafe?

The standards of customer service: offering a great product, with product knowledge and complimenting that with extraordinary service is a basic. So what gets you across the line, and makes you a “liked” cafe on Facebook, a Mayor-competetive cafe on Foursquare, and a 99% on Urbanspoon?

I believe it’s niches and passion, however the two are one in the same. A niche is a business that meets the needs of a particular segment of a market better than or in a way that no one else does. Passion amplifies the success of a niche. If you have a passion for coffee-on-the-go, or filter coffee, or single-origins, you will learn how to do it best and attract a community of people who want the same thing.

Here’s a great article on some other factors that make a coffee shop successful:


If sites like Beanhunter have taught us anything, it’s that in every city, there are good cafes and bad cafes. There are hidden, vibrant little places which serve an excellent range of coffees from various origins and only locals seem to know about, and conversely there are many cafes where no sooner do you sit, you find yourself planning on how best to make your escape unnoticed.Read on

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