Atmospheric Pressure


As a marketer former business owner and hospitality person who works and supports the best cafes I was often wondering “what exactly makes a cafe work?” Whether its miss Marie or auction rooms or Maling room, or ALi its more than a mix of customer service (often lacking and egotistical), quality coffee, food and location and foot traffic.

Then I realised. It’s ATMOSPHERE. It’s the feeling you get when you are in there. It’s self-actualisation need of Maslow. It’s creating an augmented-life experience for your chosen market.

Have a look at every super successful cafe – whether its ALi or Maling or Three Bags or Seven Seeds – and the major contributor to atmosphere is HIGH CEILINGS.

The target market for ALi is obviously young fiercely independent 25-35 year old metro sexual professionals and the chaordic, messy noisy warehouse feel augments their life experience and makes them feel more them.

Anyway. I know that foot traffic is not all I need when creating a successful cafe. It’s atmosphere.



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