Do the right thing

In business it’s easy to get motivated for profit. To become Machiavellian. However I’ve found that to do the right thing, to be a Macbeth, to be a servant is best. When you are truly focused on the customer, when you truly add value you will rise to the top.

Are you paying your insurances?
Are you paying your employees on time?
Are you paying invoices when they are due?

People can feel the tone of your business. They will not be fooled by marketing or deceived by clauses. If you don’t give them real value they will smell a rat.

When I ran an award winning car wash that was highly profitable it was because I went the extra mile. I offered consistency, reliability and excellence in an industry where that just didn’t exist. I picked up major clients (including global brands and government contracts) who payed me more than the industry expected and always on time. I would even say I was loved by my customers and they were addicted to me.

Embrace efficiencies, time management, productivity, cost cutting, yes. But be generous, go the extra mile…and do the right thing.

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