Rupert Murdoch’s pathetic paywall

This is a hilarious and eye-opening article about how old men try to control something they don’t understand. We with the open-eyes are not Y2K doomsdayers manipulating the world into buying products and services they don’t need. The Internet is NOT a trend. It’s a new business reality to use the words of Jeff Jarvis. […]

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What went wrong with Google Buzz?

Google made the mistake of assuming that people wanted to be organized. There is a difference between a platform and a network. Social networks must be allowed to grow organically. Like Gmail or Twitter it took years to flourish and Buzz must be allowed to do the same. Goggles mission is to organize the worlds […]

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Social to market

“Social to market” is a term used to describe the way we must market ourselves by building connections with those who are already leading. Jeff Jarvis says we are in a “market of niches” and that is so true. Award winning Jonno’s Car Wash was my first truly niche business – so much so that […]

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Best video ever

Seth Godin Marketing Guru shows us how we can lead a tribe “Seth Godin argues the Internet has ended mass marketing and revived a human social unit from the distant past: tribes. Founded on shared ideas and values, tribes give ordinary people the power to lead and make big change. He urges us to do […]

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Personal cloud organisation

I am a person who does business in the cloud. The cloud is a tech/geek term for people who store their personal information online with other companies “in the cloud”. My Gmail for instance is “in the cloud” – I don’t have copies of my emails on my PC or printed – they are in […]

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Strategic Marketing

I could probably call myself a Business Strategist rather than a marketer because I think strategically about how to achieve business goals, internally and externally, how to reach customers and achieve growth. Often clients send me an image of a business card without asking key strategic business questions such as – what business am I […]

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Current international business trends (macro) with futurist

1. Government to Governance Are we moving from government to governance? Are we in a post bureaucratic age. Are we moving from reactive to proactive governance? Factors: a shift from government to governance ICT revolition increasing pace of change sustainable development More… Further Reading: Camilleri (2009) Worlds in Transition: Evolving Governance Across a Stressed Planet. […]

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New look website and brand

With the new social web, the information age, the convergence of all media and technologies people who are having babies and now checking for the dot-come before they name their child! I am specialising in the social web: maximising social networking opportunities for people’s personal brands, networking, business and the like. Our church has used […]

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