Changing behaviour

One of the things I learned in my waterless car wash business was that
changing behavior is a very large barrier to entry when you’re in
business. To get people to pay a premium for a car wash that, well,
has no wash, was difficult. But I did it even for a corporate market.
We have to be honest with ourselves in this tech niche that we find
ourselves and realize that we are in the behavioral change business.
If we are selling Facebook places or seo or whatever we are helping
our clients change their behavior. Even now some 40% of Australian
businesses don’t have a website. That’s a change that we’re up

Small to medium businesses are a pain. Admit it. The barrier to
selling to a sme is education. It’s hard. You have to start from
scratch and teach them to think differently before they purchase.
Corporate is a little less like that. They tend to accept things
easier, generally. If someone’s else is doing it – a competitor or a
brand – they’ll usually try it.

That is why we need to stay abreast of this public-private debate
going on around the web. I am looking forward to Public Parts (Jeff
Jarvis) preview available on Amazon. And posts like these

One thought on “Changing behaviour

  1. Hi Jono,
    You make some really good points here.
    After 10 years on the SME sector I believe its BEHAVIOUR which is the number one killer to business owners. I guess that’s why we’re so keen on Business DNA as the first step in helping any business owner because they have to learn about leverage. i.e. How to use technology and people to build a network of activity beyond themselves.

    If they don’t understand themselves very well then their own behaviour can sabotage their efforts to build a business.


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