Miss Marie Rosanna

Miss Marie has been adopted by Rosanna and the surrounding areas as family. Introduced to me by an 86 year old woman from preston who “knows her coffee” I was dubious at first however my family and I have been frequent visitors to this 5 Senses cafe in the north-east for over twelve months now.


People from the city don’t understand how valuable a specialty coffee cafe is to those of us thirty minutes drive out of the city! To be able to have confidence in your coffee is a valuable commodity – and the twenty minute wait for a table is proof of that!


Haven in the north!

Paul, owner and founder of Miss Marie was formerly the operator of LaPorchetta in Ivanhoe. It seems like a far cry from a pizzas haven but Paul has brought a majestic flare to what is now home to many a northeasterner.

Placed down a side street in the busy yet vibrant Rosanna shopping strip, nestled next to an old and frequented op shop, and a brief stroll to the train line, Miss Marie is a beacon of hope for the coffee pilgrims of the north east.

Exposed brick, wooden mismatch bar and bright colours are a quiet nod to the modern upbeat cafes South of the Yarra that may have inspired some of the menu items and coffee excellence of this señorita.

The steak sandwich!

I have personally had at least twenty visits to this item since they opened! (Shhhh!) Optionally served with the most delicious and crispy golden fries, the pull-apart scotch fillet is super tender and marinated with a house mayonnaise, enveloped in a vintage cheddar and served with rocket. Simple but divine!

The thing that surprised and excited my wife and I is that the customer service, coffee and dishes alike are remarkably consistent and excellent. Week in, week out, no matter what time of day the offering is consistent and impeccable!

Family affair!

I have included a photo of my son and I (with Iron Man) because this is a family affair for me and many of the community. Paul, alongside his sisters and family operate this business and I am sure that family is key to the success. Whether it is the dark horse blend with milk and a steak sandwhich or swinging buy on the way to the train for a Costa Rican long black, I highly recommend this beautiful specialty coffee community.

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