One Little Place

One Little Place is a favourite specialty coffee outfit in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne for me in that the barista Kim Jae Hyun (Harry) is as passionate about coffee as I am.
From South Korea Harry celebrates every cup with a philosophy of self improvement. Every time I visited Harry as a wholesale support person from St Ali and his barista trainer harry genuinely solicited all the information and experiential learning he could.

Today I can say I tasted the best, most nuanced and crispy Chompy espresso I have ever had. Brewed on a modified paddle version of the linear the Seasonal blend was crisp, effervescent and sweet. My wife and I also enjoyed a tasty brunch in a chicken sandwich on a plate.


The cafe has a very warm family feel. Situated near the busy Burke and Wattletree Intersection 1LP was bustling with cafe patrons as we arrived on a Saturday morning. Weekends are busy and weekdays attract many school students, teachers and mums from nearby Catholic mega-school Sacred Heart.

I wouldn’t turn down a coffee from 1LP even if I had already had my quota. I wouldn’t turn down a lunch invite either.
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