Pallet Espresso

Pallet espresso hidden in the back lanes of Spencer and Little Collins combines authentic Japanese cuisine with world class specialty coffee. A bold and timely move by owner operator, Peter, of wildly successful Purple Peanuts.


The wooden theme (hence; pallet) is a beautiful artistic design that compliments the deli cafe feel while combining those aesthetics with the Asian takeaway.


Walls are decorated with chip board, menus are black board encased in pallets of wood and the glossy tables are a rainbow of wooden thatch.

I can’t fault the espresso. Perfectly balanced champion from sensory lab – a seasonal espresso that keeps baristi on their toes – bringing out the subtleties of fruitiness and lemon acidity without losing any of the body. Well done David! No funny business there!

As a coffee buff I have yet to try the Asian cuisine however I am a frequent visitor to Purple Peanuts next door and can say that while the menu at pallet is shorter it will be just as sweet! If you can’t find pallet is across the road from Spencer Street Station. Enter via Collins Street.

Pallet Espresso on Urbanspoon

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