Specialization or mass marketing?

There’s a MAD magazine comic depicting three pizza shops: The first says “Best Pizza in the world”. Inside it had no customers. The second says, “Best Pizza in this city”. Inside there were a few customers. The final cafe says, “Best Pizza in the street”. And it was. And it was packed. This insightful comic […]

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Do the right thing

In business it’s easy to get motivated for profit. To become Machiavellian. However I’ve found that to do the right thing, to be a Macbeth, to be a servant is best. When you are truly focused on the customer, when you truly add value you will rise to the top. Are you paying your insurances? […]

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Building your core

When you’re building your business, your website, your social network, your following, your tribe, your idea, start by creating true value for your followers. It’s the techno-freaks who started to buy the iPod over 10 years ago. It wasn’t the throng who started using Twitter it was those guys who stay indoors on the PCs […]

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Help starting a video blog

A video blog is a blog (regular contributions) online that is made through video.  The great thing about these is that you do not need to create any more content you simply need to train yourself to capture the content you are already creating. I suggest you do this by carrying a video camera with tripod everywhere […]

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The content-time conundrum

We know that time is scarce however that doesn’t have to impede your ability to create amazing content. We know how to build a tribe. That we need to offer true value. That we need to provide a community where there isn’t one currently. In your tribe or following you are wanting to add value. […]

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Core ingredients

The core ingredient or pull of Facebook is that it gives users control of their social experience. The core ingredient or pull of Twitter is information. The core ingredient or pull of YouTube is experience. What is the core ingredient or pull of your business, product, service or idea? People love Facebook because it gives […]

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