Starting a small business in Victoria – Example Importing Wellness Products

Here are the basics on getting started:

1. Register ABN (free) –

  • Complete online using Tax File Number and Date of Birth
  • Register for GST only with Accountant advice or call 13 72 26
  • 2. Register Business Name ($85) –

    3. Information and assistance (help) on starting an Import-Export Business –

    4. Most important is a) Know your target market. Who wants your product? I would recommend finding an alternative health website that already sells similar products to your target market. If you are selling plant-derived medication from overseas that causes wellness I would suggest you contact a website such as Use it as a TEST CASE, do noy sign any contracts. If you have success, then start your own website. I can connect you with people.

    Remember, know your target market, test demand. if there is demand, then research government regulations such as whether the medication is illegal in Australia, what insurances you need and so on. Then if you believe in it (and have passion) then as they say, “where there is a will there is a way” – especially if you believe in the product. Also, finally, find personal testimonies such as video’s of people who suggest the product is good. That is very effective.

    Business Coach –
    Website help –
    Free website – or
    Shopping Cart –

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