Black Bird

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Black Bird is Promised Land Coffee’s premium seasonal espresso blend. While Promised Land Coffee is recognised for the best filter coffee in Melbourne, delivered daily to cafes, they supply specialty cafes with espresso beans, unmatchable support and the latest high tech equipment. Jonathon Sciola the owner of Promised Land Coffee is excited about Black Bird which is a “designed blend”. A designed blend is a coffee that is created with a specific flavour profile in mind. Founder and one of Melbourne’s best baristas with a huge legacy in specialty coffee, Jonathon Sciola went to the drawing board to create a “cafes secret weapon”. Jonathon says “Every cafe wants the same thing – an easy to use espresso blend, that is consistent all year round and tantalises milk drinkers.. They love a complex coffee with heaps of body and enough acidity to splice milk drinks, while having complexities such as fruitiness to satisfy black coffee drinkers. There are probably two blends on the market that nail this and mine is one of them.

Black Bird is designed to exhibit: complex berry notes, intense syrupy sweetness, creamy mouthfeel, sparkling fruit acidity, and an extended developed after-taste.

“Black Bird is like a wave that builds,” Jonathon says. “The first sip takes you on an ocean holiday: as your lips touch the ceramic cup thick buttery chocolate and berry notes hit the palate, as the coffee reaches the back of the mouth an explosion of fresh forest fruit combines with waves of clean, creamy caramels. It’s the kind of coffee patrons order two and three cups with breakfast”

Jonathon is very serious about milk quality. Milk is a huge part of the equation. A full cream, homogenised milk such as Inglenook Dairy in Western Victoria is a must according to Jonathon. One misconception in the specialty coffee community is that unhomogenised is better. We’re all about consistency and unhomogenised is very inconsistent in it’s fat content. You first cup may be pure butter, but the last skinny milk. It’s nice to think unhomogenised is better, because in principle it is, but in a cafe environment we need to get serious about consistency. Jonathon believes in matching a milk with a certain coffee. “Some coffees are more acidic than others. It’s the same with milk. Some coffees are so sweet that they can be washed out by a sugary milk. Our seasonal food menus change week to week. It’s not a huge change for us to consider which milk is best for each coffee”.

Winter Black Bird components:

  • 50% Fresh Crop Colombia Morales Cauca (Washed Process)
  • 35% Honduras Barrios Estate (Natural Process)
  • 15% Ethiopia Yirgacheff Organic (Natural)

The Colombian provides a heavy, sweet body with sparkling plum acidity and some grape notes. The Honduras, like many central American coffees is very citrusy and offers medium caramel body and subtle almond nuttiness. Ethiopian Yirgacheff combines to make the whole experience very creamy and balanced with caramelised fruit sweetness and even more depth of body. DSC_9966.jpg

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