Is Hillary the lesser of two evils? 

May I ask why you’re with her so passionately? I can grasp those voting on a lessor of two evils basis (though I’m not sure she is the lessor of the two evils) but I can’t understand why any liberals/progressives I know are actually passionate about favoring her… 
As for me, I’m with… 
– The Native Americans and allies at Standing Rock who are putting their lives on the line for our water and environmental safety. 
– Edward Snowden and his safety. 
– The “super predator” African Americans being disproportionally locked up by policies she supported Bill to put in place and advocated strongly for.
– The Syrian children dying from a war she helped create.
– The actual Liberal/Progressives who were ripped off by her cheating and rigging of a primary campaign. 
– The victims of sexual assault that she has played to when it favors her, then victimized when it involves her husband. 
– The victims of the chemical companies she has taken millions from personally (not foundation money) to advocate for their special interests instead of citizens interests. 
– The victims of the pharmaceutical companies and banks where the same applies. 
I’m amazed that some of my Liberal/Progressive US friends are supporting Clinton, but I’m even more amazed that some of my Aus friends are, rather than getting out for the vote for, say, Jill Stein, as they would the Greens candidates in Aus. 
I’m genuinely baffled as to how anyone, other than the Koch Brothers et al, can be actually in favor of Clinton.

Source : a Facebook comment thread.

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