The Great Divide: A Look Into Melbourne Cafe Culture | Part 1


Part 1

Richard Branson is a hero amongst young entrepreneurs. One of his trademarks is to go into mature, highly competitive markets and compete. Those mature markets have deeply entrenched inefficiencies and highly complex diplomatic and political skews that lead to massive competitive advantage to new entrants.

  • Telecommunications: Virgin mobile
  • Airlines: Virgin Atlantic / Australia
  • Finance: Virgin Money
  • Fitness: Virgin Gyms
  • There are 4 markets that are highly competitive and in need of disruption.

    The coffee market in Melbourne is in desperate need of disruption by new startups. It is mature, highly competitive and has deeply entrenched inefficiencies and political skews. The players with the most to lose are nervous and here’s why…

    For more on startup disruption follow @jeffjarvis Professor of Journalism on Twitter

    Part 2 Coming soon…

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