It’s not my face, book

There is no way for me to customise or create my homepage I have no editorial or design ability to change my face page. Facebook started it was competing with Myspace and Facebook definitely isn’t my space. does this well. 

Secondly they are not my friends! 

The news algorithm changes the chronology and relevance of my friends posts. 
I’m unsure why other people follow friends but for me I want to see everything every one of them posts.  This is impossible with Facebook. I don’t want to see Wednesday nights invitation to a pool party on Saturday and I want every one of my friends to see my posts. Is not their following of me an indication that they want to see what I post?
Does it not make sense that if I follow a friend I want to follow their feed? I want to see every post every friend and vice versa. I find Facebook completely irrelevant and useless. 


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