Filter or espresso?

    Australian cafes are experiencing an explosion in the number of brewing methods customers are expecting. But will this last?

    Australians with that early migration of Italians enjoyed high-pressure extracted coffee since the 1950s and early. However in America with similar migration however filter coffee somehow became the norm.

    In Melbourne over the last five years there’s been an explosion in filter coffee preparation methods in cafes. Although people like have been brewing siphon for decades, it has been a recent game for specialty coffee houses like Auction Rooms to provide filter options as part of the normal menu. I would call it the siphonisation of Melbourne.

    But is filter coffee at trend or a fad?

    In the cage scene time and space are critical. The 25 second brew time of an espresso cant be beat by the 3-5 minute brew time of some filter methods. Will the customer pay more for a filter coffee?

    Coffee Supreme are even bottling cold-brews – a brilliant idea!

  1. 1. I believe that the increase in caffeine in the bloodstream will inevitably lead to an increase in the man to fill the coffee. More and more cafes are offering double shots and double ristretto’s as standard and the casual inner city drinker will be taking in around 50% more caffeine in the last 2 years than in previous years. Even though espresso appears to be stronger (see this article) is it not, containing around 1/3 of the caffeine in filter.
  2. I would like to say that it’s not either-or but both-and.

  3. 2. Personally I’ll be drinking siphon, filter, aeropress, French press, cutting edge espresso, and chasing the "god-shot" all the days of my life because coffee appreciation and tasting can never be exhausted when you're after the perfect cup. Filter coffees, brewed at slightly higher temperatures, with lighter roasts can help you develop your palate and better understand the coffees you are working with.
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  5. 3. I believe you will find a growing number of cafes using filter as a way to a) better their understanding of coffee b) provide options for their increasingly savvy tribe of customers c) demonstrate their love and passion for coffee

    I would recommend taking a class at the Barista Academy in West Melbourne. You can learn about “Introduction to Alternative Brewing Methods” for around $150.

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