Workflow in Specialty Coffee 

You’ve all heard the story of the man with a utility vehicle. He’s always the one asked by everyone for help when they move house. The same sad fate comes to the designer who is asked to design a brand or logo for a business when everything is finished. The right time to involve a […]

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Is the tide is pulling back on 3rd Wave

I’m a speciality coffee barista, enthusiast and I thank The Pioneers who built the Third Wave coffee movement. Such proponents as Intelligentsia in Seattle and St ALi in Melbourne created direct-trade coffee (ever increasing returns on quality paying “at least 25% more” than Fair-trade) for the first time back in around 2004 when coffee farms […]

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The physics of latte art

I love the physics of coffee. I remember listening to Andreas Illy speaking about the colloidal suspension that is coffee. “Coffee is a suspension of oil and water in an emulsion…”(paraphrased). I’m like ‘whats an emulsion?’. Hey I’m a business graduate not a scientist! But I found myself hungry for knowledge about the science of […]

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