Jonathon Sciola was born again into the invisble Kingdom of God in 1997.

I was walking down Prospect Hill Road in Camberwell when I heard the music coming from the church which was operting inside the school gynmasium. Immediately I began to cry, wail really. I was born again inside that building when I invited Jesus Christ into my heart. When two men prayed for me and laid their hands on me I felt my spirit wake up and I began to sing in the Spirit.

It was after this explosive experience with the Kingdom of God that Jonathon read the Bible and realised that his experience was exactly the same as the first Christians in the book of Acts.

Jonathon is married with two beautiful kids and runs multiple businesses and workshops in Melbourne. Jonathon is currently starting a church plant that aims to have 1000 cells. Let’s go!

Listen to his podcast Kingdom Dynamics Podcast


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