Forensic Cafe Diagnosis $160


60 minute cafe visit

An Australian International Coffee Judge, former ST ALi barista trainer/account manager, and experienced “emergency barista” Jonathon Sciola has 1000s of hours working in 100s of different cafes using all sorts of coffee equipment and practices! These priceless visits are designed to find faults and propose solutions to blind spots that are affecting your bottom line, causing your staff injury and stress and forcing your loyal customers to leave.

Objective, forensic, quantitative analysis – covering 5 areas:

  1. Workflow – exposing inefficiencies, proposing low-cost solutions
  2. Coffee science – analysing the extraction percentage of your coffee production
  3. Systems and processes – coffee, P.O.S., and technology lacks and opportunities.
  4. Aesthetics and taste – presentation, menu analysis, and creativity loops.
  5. Staff and productivity – problems, opportunities and threats.

Exactly what I will do

  • Interviewing manager/head-barista about goals/outcomes
  • Observing your cafe bar process
  • Tasting coffee  and offering analysis
  • Sitting down with management.
  • Writing a report and emailing it.