The Maling Room Society

Maling room is an establishment in Melbourne; a coffee society. It’s hard to find a speciality cafe that does not rotate Maling Room Rostery single origins, or a newspaper that has not rave reviewed it or a top 100 that doesn’t include it, however the social army are not coming to the conversation and showing […]

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Sivers me timbers!

Derek Siver is an entrepreneur who writes a summary of every book he reads and he reads them all. When education can impact what you need to get ahead a summary like this is powerful! I remember at Uni reading the summary of chapters and “getting it”. This website will help you to glean priceless […]

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We are plugged in

We are plugged in to the matrix. The matrix is the old way of doing business; pre-web. There is a brave new world of the Internet and only some have taken the red pill. People like Seth Godin, Jeff Jarvis, Gary V, white rabbits, these are the Morpheus of this new world. They see what […]

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Self Organising Communities

This is my first post on Self Organising Communities. I believe the Internet has caused a power shift from organisations to individuals that has allowed us “the people” to self organise in ways we never had before. What happened in Egypt and Libya was no suprise to me as I observed the walls coming down. […]

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The web of intent

Everyone is saying that Mobile is the “next big thing” however we all know that already. The power of increased bandwidth, battery life and touch screens will place power and interconnectivity between humans and objects like never before. Near Field Communications (NFC) and RFID are two more things that can change the way we do […]

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Search is changing

A work colleague sent me a very informative video explaining how Google SEO worked. However this made me ask the question: how relevant is google’s way of search now anyway? Google’s way of scrubbing the web will always have it’s place. However it is changing very fast and may soon be fiction, or simply a […]

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Cloud computing

If you haven’t heard of cloud computing you’ve probably been using it. According to Wikipedia Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand I love Cloud computing. Cloud computing allows me to sit in a lecture and instantly access my calendar, email and […]

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Ad revenue for Google

Google’s core competency is organising information, so: search. They’re revenue comes from paid advertising from those wanting to reach the customers that come to Google for organised information. Facebook’s core competency is organising people; so: social. They’re revenue is coming from paid advertising from those wanting to reach the customers that come to Facebook for […]

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Jonathon’s rules

1. The rules (of business) have changed 2. (All) Marketing is now social 3. You must lead your flock (as in your customers are your tribe). Search my posts for “tribes”. 4. Every business is a niche business (no matter the size treat your customers as niche/cult followers. 5. Continually adopt new technologies – change […]

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The adoption of mobile web is 8 times what the same adoption of the desktop web was 10 years ago. You are in business, you need to know what convergences and technologies and marketing strategies are available for you. This “gadget” video is powerful. It’s a symbol of how everything is changing in business and […]

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Prince may be onto something…

Prince the famous rock musician is quoted saying, “The Internet is over” and seemingly hilarous comments such as “‘The internet’s like MTV,’ the star said to the Mirror’s correspondent. ‘At one time, MTV was hip, and suddenly it became outdated.’” However he may be onto something. No, seriously. If he believes that he has a […]

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Google Me

I succumed to ordering business cards even though my online presence is well proliferated. I’m easily found. I have a public identity on Google Profiles: this is my new home (replacing Facebook) on the Internet. I do have the advantage of being the only Jonathon Sciola in the world. But what if you’re Jo […]

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Self Production Movement

Hi, I have noticed the Self Production Movement across all industries. It is a: Move from consumption of content to production of content by “consumers” Move from production of content to organisation of content by “producers” Here are some of my so called ‘rules’ of the SELF PRODUCTION MOVEMENT: 1. People are now organising themselves […]

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Human Screening (article 1)

Humans began to relate via screen more than 50 years ago. A person last night was saying that Facebook and the social media revolution (see this post) is changing how people interact and that that was a bad thing. “Mate!” I said, “This has been happening for 60 years”. The fact that 550,000,000 people are […]

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Change Change Change is GOOD

This interview by Paypal founder tells how he changed his business model in order to survive. Initially Paypal refused to accept the reality of transacting over the web. Paypal was originally a mobile-to-mobile payment system. They changed their business model and survived. Apple refused to allow 3rd party apps in 2007 when the iPhone was […]

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This Week in Google

Every week I listen to watch, read and subscribe to TWIG. It is the most amazing podcast about technology, the internet and the cloud. Hosted by Leo Laporte “…US-based journalist specializing in technology coverage on radio, TV, and the Internet. With weekly guests Jeff Jarvis author of What What Google Do? (yes I’ve bought it) […]

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Returning to our core

It’s true: we’ve forgotten the fundamentals of business: 1. Demand & Supply 2. Customer Service 3. Quality I believe the franchise revolution (Australia is the most franchised nation in the world with more franchises per capita than the USA) has resulted in the loss of true, genuine customer service. We have scripted our call centres, […]

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Future of newspapers

This video posted on buzzmachine about the future of news is great viewing as we watch the web and its evolution. An important part of the evolution of the Internet is seeing how the 5th estate evolves. One of the key foundations of democracy and capitalism is the ability for the people to watch the […]

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Google can’t lose

The company with the most open business model will win. Because it is in the characteristics of the net. See why-are-the-richest-people-in-the-world-geeks. Google has that business model. The more the Internet grows the better off Google will be. The more data there is to be searched, analysed and made useful the better off Google will be. […]

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The Internet is a place not a medium

I remember studying e-business in 2001. My lecturer said, “Check out google” I’d never heard of Google and didn’t check it out for a year or so. The difference between e-commerce and e-business is that e-commerce is just the sale of products online utilising the web as an interface, whereas e-business is doing business online. […]

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Integrate with Facebook

Many of us have realised the relevance of Facebook for our businesses. We realise that community exists on the web and that’s great. In fact 400 million people use Facebook every day. (Only 150 million use Gmail per month). Anyone who’s run a retail business knows that foot traffic is cash. So when everyone’s on […]

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SMS Payments coming soon

What if you could tip the bar-man before you got to the bar? What if you could “charge” your friends for being late to dinner at your place? According to their website “Venmo helps you exchange money with people you trust. * Never worry about paying trusted connections. * Replace your credit card with your […]

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The future of you

How does this technology (currently available) affect the way you do business, read the Bible, make purchases? How does this affect your brand or idea?   At TEDIndia, Pranav Mistry demos several tools that help the physical world interact with the world of data — including a deep look at his SixthSense device and a […]

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Rupert Murdoch’s pathetic paywall

This is a hilarious and eye-opening article about how old men try to control something they don’t understand. We with the open-eyes are not Y2K doomsdayers manipulating the world into buying products and services they don’t need. The Internet is NOT a trend. It’s a new business reality to use the words of Jeff Jarvis. […]

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What went wrong with Google Buzz?

Google made the mistake of assuming that people wanted to be organized. There is a difference between a platform and a network. Social networks must be allowed to grow organically. Like Gmail or Twitter it took years to flourish and Buzz must be allowed to do the same. Goggles mission is to organize the worlds […]

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