Australia Cafe Market Situation 2018

Specialty Coffee Industry in Australia has reached peak maturity and saturation evident by an array of niche offerings exhibiting high end market fragmentation. New innovative retail concepts, coupled with creative nuanced food and beverage offerings combine with social media to maintain growth in a highly competitive market. Complimentary to this are end to end supply […]

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Purple cow with a selfie stick! 

Seth Godin came out with this book called “purple cow”  because in a mass market you need to stand out (basic summary of the entire book).  The problem is there is no more mass market! Professor Professor Jeff Jarvis said there will never be another Elvis,  there will never be another Michael Jackson,  because when everybody’s famous […]

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Fathers in business

I want to honour business leaders who are selfless, who mentor others, who do not compromise relationship yet live by principles. I want to honour coffee professionals who have proven that you can elevate people above opinion. In the end relationship will win over sheer strenuous pushing. God rewards those who love others, who give, […]

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Cafe Audits

I am making available a service to specialty cafes that can be invaluable to discovering faults in their coffee and service. This collaborates with roasteries as well where you and the roastery can find objective information on espresso quality and service. Mystery Shopper $240 During busy service (usually Saturday or Sunday) I will come to […]

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Bad Experiences

It’s not just product and service complaints that will lose customers. Don’t forget bad experiences. Bad experiences are where your staff are actually arguing with a customer about an incorrect order rather than solving the problem. Or the air conditioning isn’t working on a stinking hot day. Or your bartender is flirting with all the […]

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Collaborative Shared Workplace Cafe

In a market where differentiation, specialty coffee and customer service are key, the sub segment known as “Collaborative Workspace” or Workplace Cafe” is a viable option for any young entrepreneur. Since the demise of manufacturing in the eighties (the remnants of which are seen in current media and automotive sectors as well as whole foods) […]

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Wheel of Coffee

Like the spokes of a wheel your coffee (and your life!) will have a bumpy ride if one or more of your spokes are out of line. If your financial world is strong and healthy, yet your family or physical world is out of line you will be unable to enjoy the money! If you have fresh, boutique roasted coffee, […]

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Dangers of Entering A Franchise

Australia protects franchisees. I have still seen horror stories. I am not however talking about them. I’ve seen families lose everything. I’ve seen multinational franchisors go bankrupt and fly home shamed. Today I’m talking about simple competitiveness. It is simply impossible to compete in a highly competitive environment when you are in a tightly controlled […]

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Before You Start A Cafe

Read: 1. eMyth by Michael Gerber – Which hat are you wearing? You need all three! 2. Purple Cow by Seth Godin – Market differentiation is the bare minimum. Be remarkable! Decide: 1. What is my core competency – this could be filter coffee or customer service or giant hamburgers. It’s what you do best! […]

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Atmospheric Pressure

As a marketer former business owner and hospitality person who works and supports the best cafes I was often wondering “what exactly makes a cafe work?” Whether its miss Marie or auction rooms or Maling room, or ALi its more than a mix of customer service (often lacking and egotistical), quality coffee, food and location […]

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Barista Occupational Hazards

First of all I want to break down the role of the barista to: 1. Machine Operator 2. Service Operator 3. Customer Service Representative These sections of the baristas role will give us clarity and cohesion as we discuss the hazards and joys (!) of being a baristi. Secondly I would like to say that […]

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Starting a small business in Victoria – Example Importing Wellness Products

Here are the basics on getting started: 1. Register ABN (free) – Complete online using Tax File Number and Date of Birth Register for GST only with Accountant advice or call 13 72 26 2. Register Business Name ($85) – 3. Information and assistance (help) on starting an Import-Export Business – 4. […]

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Sivers me timbers!

Derek Siver is an entrepreneur who writes a summary of every book he reads and he reads them all. When education can impact what you need to get ahead a summary like this is powerful! I remember at Uni reading the summary of chapters and “getting it”. This website will help you to glean priceless […]

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Like Alice in Wonderland I’ve found myself down the rabbit hole that is coffee. A year ago I ventured into returning happily to my roots in customer service after 7 years in self employment. Don’t get me wrong I loved the freedom, the money and the celebrity of owning my own business yet the promise […]

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Coffee facts

Fact#1 Caffeine can be lethal – Extreme overdose can result in death. The median lethal dose of caffeine in humans is dependent on weight and individual sensitivity and estimated to be about 150 to 200 milligrams per kilogram of body mass, roughly 80 to 100 cups of coffee for an average adult taken within a […]

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What makes a successful cafe

In Melbourne we have a plethora of amazing and terrible cafes. Just read Urbanspoon or Foursquare or Beanhunter and you’ll find cafe’s that work and cafe’s that don’t. Obviously the coffee has to be good, but what other ingredients make a successful cafe? The standards of customer service: offering a great product, with product knowledge […]

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Changing behaviour

One of the things I learned in my waterless car wash business was that changing behavior is a very large barrier to entry when you’re in business. To get people to pay a premium for a car wash that, well, has no wash, was difficult. But I did it even for a corporate market. We […]

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Specialization or mass marketing?

There’s a MAD magazine comic depicting three pizza shops: The first says “Best Pizza in the world”. Inside it had no customers. The second says, “Best Pizza in this city”. Inside there were a few customers. The final cafe says, “Best Pizza in the street”. And it was. And it was packed. This insightful comic […]

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Do the right thing

In business it’s easy to get motivated for profit. To become Machiavellian. However I’ve found that to do the right thing, to be a Macbeth, to be a servant is best. When you are truly focused on the customer, when you truly add value you will rise to the top. Are you paying your insurances? […]

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Building your core

When you’re building your business, your website, your social network, your following, your tribe, your idea, start by creating true value for your followers. It’s the techno-freaks who started to buy the iPod over 10 years ago. It wasn’t the throng who started using Twitter it was those guys who stay indoors on the PCs […]

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Help starting a video blog

A video blog is a blog (regular contributions) online that is made through video.  The great thing about these is that you do not need to create any more content you simply need to train yourself to capture the content you are already creating. I suggest you do this by carrying a video camera with tripod everywhere […]

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The content-time conundrum

We know that time is scarce however that doesn’t have to impede your ability to create amazing content. We know how to build a tribe. That we need to offer true value. That we need to provide a community where there isn’t one currently. In your tribe or following you are wanting to add value. […]

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Core ingredients

The core ingredient or pull of Facebook is that it gives users control of their social experience. The core ingredient or pull of Twitter is information. The core ingredient or pull of YouTube is experience. What is the core ingredient or pull of your business, product, service or idea? People love Facebook because it gives […]

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How do you see your business?

This 4 dimensional image always inspires me. The best way to see your business is core competency. A core competency is a specific factor that a business sees as being central to the way it, or its employees, works. Every business has strengths and weaknesses, competitors, opportunities, threats, products are services. These change. However the […]

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So what is marketing anyway?

Marketing is a way of thinking; a world view. It is not sales or advertising even though 99% of “marketing” jobs are for sales and advertising. No! Marketing is a way of thinking that maximises all relationships, opportunities while minimising costs and obstacles. Marketing allowed Kodak to stay in the photo business even when film […]

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When competition is good

There’s a great little cafe @vyvecafe in Burgundy street. Nicely placed at the top of a hill but on the “wrong side of the road” some may argue. (The local supermarket and train station are on the opposite side, leaving this cafe next to a bank and a chemist – not exactly complimentary!) This groovy […]

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Consumer Confidence

Consumer confidence is down. Cinema’s are not selling nearly as many tickets. Cafe’s and their suppliers are sharing that they are really quiet at the moment. Locally in Melbourne, Australia people have stopped spending as much. It may be the carbon tax, the increase in electricity, the uncertainty about Japan, Libya, wars and rumours of […]

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The Walls Are Coming Down

It’s interesting what’s happening at the moment. 3 of my video stores have closed down. Borders books are going under. It’s the Internet. It’s e-books and downloads and iTunes. But it’s the walls that are coming down. So what is the wall? It’s middlemen. It’s inefficiency. It’s greed. Let me give you an example or […]

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Search is changing

A work colleague sent me a very informative video explaining how Google SEO worked. However this made me ask the question: how relevant is google’s way of search now anyway? Google’s way of scrubbing the web will always have it’s place. However it is changing very fast and may soon be fiction, or simply a […]

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Facebook Platform

An interesting development is that Facebook is becoming a platform. Facebook started as a social network, however now it is being integrated into websites all over the world. Now facebook is becoming more “search” than “social”. This means that when you want to buy a DVD, you now see your friends purchase history and recommendations […]

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Eye opener

For me reading What Would Google Do was a real eye opener. I realised this was not a book about Google or about the Internet it was a book about change by a prolific media journalist who saw that the rules had changed. Author Jeff Javis writes, “Google has spoiled us rotten. Think back to […]

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Born Identity

Bourne – we love Bourne because he had this potential inside of himself. He had this explosive, unexpected potential for greatness – to flip a guy over using his subconscious martial arts training or drive a mini through Paris and not get caught – and you and I were created for greatness! We are all […]

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Jonathon’s rules

1. The rules (of business) have changed 2. (All) Marketing is now social 3. You must lead your flock (as in your customers are your tribe). Search my posts for “tribes”. 4. Every business is a niche business (no matter the size treat your customers as niche/cult followers. 5. Continually adopt new technologies – change […]

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Introducing Roger

There is a fictitious guy I’d like to introduce you to. His name is Roger. He’s the guy who says, “Roger that” when there’s a problem. Roger doesn’t understand “no” or “impossible”. Roger is a can-do man. Roger wakes you up early in the morning. Roger says no to ego and fear. Roger gets the […]

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def. The condition of standing or adhering together, or being fixed in union, as the parts of a body; existence; firmness; coherence; solidity. I can’t believe I haven’t written a post on consistency At the end of the day the person who wins is the person who doesn’t quit. I am convinced that the guy […]

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The power of re-invention

The juice you need for business and life is inspiration, energy; that buzz; the entrepreneurial spirit. The risk taker meets the technician and manager to create something that adds value. But we all get locked into the imaginary rules of our business model and say things like IBM who said that there was worldwide demand […]

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Are you a producer or a consumer?

The businesses that consume their clients content are the ones who succeed: The ‘producers’ have become the ‘consumers’ The businesses that succeed are consuming what we create The customers that are happy are the ones producing and being heard/watched/read: Obama consumed his voters opinions in a way no politician ever had Facebook consumes our lives, […]

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Google Me

I succumed to ordering business cards even though my online presence is well proliferated. I’m easily found. I have a public identity on Google Profiles: this is my new home (replacing Facebook) on the Internet. I do have the advantage of being the only Jonathon Sciola in the world. But what if you’re Jo […]

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10 FREE ways to grow your business using social media & marketing

1. Apply for Awards. Local municipalities, large business and government all offer award categories for small business, large business, micro business, “best enviro business” and so on. This will generate PR, free media & credibility. Awards I’ve won: 2. Join a small business network. Most councils will offer a business network or […]

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Self Production Movement

Hi, I have noticed the Self Production Movement across all industries. It is a: Move from consumption of content to production of content by “consumers” Move from production of content to organisation of content by “producers” Here are some of my so called ‘rules’ of the SELF PRODUCTION MOVEMENT: 1. People are now organising themselves […]

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Privacy is overrated

(Watch the video in my previos post) Questioning Googles commitment to privacy? (See France claims success in Google privacy breach The German privacy paradox « BuzzMachine Privacy, publicness & penises). Google is guaranteed to build itself into your life: car, phone, home pc, house, life…. See: Ford adds ability to sync Google maps directions to […]

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This Week in Google

Every week I listen to watch, read and subscribe to TWIG. It is the most amazing podcast about technology, the internet and the cloud. Hosted by Leo Laporte “…US-based journalist specializing in technology coverage on radio, TV, and the Internet. With weekly guests Jeff Jarvis author of What What Google Do? (yes I’ve bought it) […]

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It’s all about people

I’ve realised that Marketing is about people. It’s about maximising the relationships we have. We must market to our staff, our competitors, our suppliers and our customers. It’s about maximising opportunities, minimising threats, optimising systems and processes, research, planning and work. The basis for advertising is that there is over-supply. Because there are too many […]

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“The triggering event, of course, is the advent of a global communication system that restores the banter of the bazaar, that tears down power structures and senseless bureaucracies, that puts everyone in touch with everyone” (Thomas Petzinger, Jr. The Wall Street Journa, Forward to The Cluetrain Manifesto) As the rules change we are beginning to […]

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SMS Payments coming soon

What if you could tip the bar-man before you got to the bar? What if you could “charge” your friends for being late to dinner at your place? According to their website “Venmo helps you exchange money with people you trust. * Never worry about paying trusted connections. * Replace your credit card with your […]

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Receiving payments

The fastest and easiest way to receive payments is online through Paypal. With over 150,000,000 accounts they must be doing something right! I am now receiving payments using Paypal. I believe people want to support me because my vocation is Christian ministry, helping people’s lives and building the church. Marketing is my “tent-making” to use […]

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Rupert Murdoch’s pathetic paywall

This is a hilarious and eye-opening article about how old men try to control something they don’t understand. We with the open-eyes are not Y2K doomsdayers manipulating the world into buying products and services they don’t need. The Internet is NOT a trend. It’s a new business reality to use the words of Jeff Jarvis. […]

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Social to market

“Social to market” is a term used to describe the way we must market ourselves by building connections with those who are already leading. Jeff Jarvis says we are in a “market of niches” and that is so true. Award winning Jonno’s Car Wash was my first truly niche business – so much so that […]

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Best video ever

Seth Godin Marketing Guru shows us how we can lead a tribe “Seth Godin argues the Internet has ended mass marketing and revived a human social unit from the distant past: tribes. Founded on shared ideas and values, tribes give ordinary people the power to lead and make big change. He urges us to do […]

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Strategic Marketing

I could probably call myself a Business Strategist rather than a marketer because I think strategically about how to achieve business goals, internally and externally, how to reach customers and achieve growth. Often clients send me an image of a business card without asking key strategic business questions such as – what business am I […]

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Current international business trends (macro) with futurist

1. Government to Governance Are we moving from government to governance? Are we in a post bureaucratic age. Are we moving from reactive to proactive governance? Factors: a shift from government to governance ICT revolition increasing pace of change sustainable development More… Further Reading: Camilleri (2009) Worlds in Transition: Evolving Governance Across a Stressed Planet. […]

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